* The committee has met and the results are being sent via email to those with email addresses on our data base ... AND via postal mail to all of the other addresses.
You can view the details of the flyer
here. (April 21, 2008 - Bill Mc)
* There will be a short meeting to discuss the Reunion plans held at the Hobby Marriott on I-45 South at 6:00PM Sunday evening April 20th. You're invited to attend!
* Here is a link to a video tour of South Shore Hotel in League City
April 5, 2008 - If you know of anyone that does not have an email address on file, please contact them, visit the web site and provide contact information so that we may have as many as possible receive the data concerning the reunion.
Thanks -
Bill McFerren
This is the information I have on an August 9, reunion: ( 04-01-08 )

Reservations can be made online.
Rooms go for $125.00 (2 dbl. city view) up, depending on size of bed(s) and view
They have plenty of rooms available, and the Grand Ballroom is ours on August 9.  June and July were full.
There is room for dancing...we just need a d.j.  I'll worry about that later.
If we have a sit-down dinner with the caterers serving us, the price is $36.95 a plate plus tip;  The buffet is $39.95 plus tip.
$250.00 deposit is needed in 10 days from the day they send us the contract.
There is no charge for the ballroom, and if 40+ people stay at Southshore Harbor Saturday night, there is an additional room available free for those who want to sit up and visit.
There is a pool for swimming and a nice view of the harbor.
There is a separate bar.
The facility is close enough to Baytown for people to go home if they like.
The facility is close enough to Kemah for those who want to spend Friday night, also, and eat seafood or whatever.
During the day on Sat. we can all stand around the pool, or go to the Boardwalk.
Very little decorating will be needed; everything will be done for us.
There are a lot of hotels in the area if people prefer to stay elsewhere, but at least 40 must stay there

Allene (Jacobs) Webster